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Logistics applied to bitumen

The product

We source only the highest quality Bitumen to ensure excellent durability under extreme weather and traffic conditions. This bitumen is suitable for paving express ways, highways, urban roads, bridge decks and parking areas. The bitumen is delivered HOT and can be used immediately.


All-inclusive solution

We offer our customers an all-inclusive solution from purchasing, transporting, and distributing first class bitumen from refineries to worksite. Rent-A-Port Logistics covers the entire logistical process.

We offer customised solutions for any volume and for every destination.

Distribution and logistics

Our network of ships, barges, depots and road tankers gives us the competitive advantage to ensure delivery of our products in any part of the world in the shortest possible time.

The Bitumen is delivered to the Contractor at the right time and at the correct temperature for immediate use.

bitumen container

Our qualities

Broad range of suppliers

We work with a large number of different refineries throughout the world.

Flexibility on the water

A fleet of bitumen tankers of various tonnages enables us to make the most economically choice for each shipment. Our fleet is active world-wide and maintains respect for the environment as an absolute priority.

Efficiently to the customer

Bitumen containers and bitumen tank trailers are the efficient logistical solution to transport bitumen in bulk to the sites of road constructors.

bitumen refinery


bitumen tanker