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log Ackermans Van Haaren AVH (Ackermans & van Haaren) is an independent, diversified group, focused on a limited number of core companies with international growth potential and led by an experienced, multidisciplinary management team. AVH is a publicly listed industrial holding of Antwerp, specialized in contracting and logistics, real estate, banking, services etc. with a market capitalisation of more than 2 billion euro.


lgo CFECFE is the largest civil engineering group and construction services company in Belgium specialized in real estate, quarrying and in a wide range of concrete batching operations. CFE has carried out a number of service contracts for the mining industry, both in Belgium and on international scale. CFE is the Belgian Division of the French Construction and Concession company Vinci.


lgo IpemRent-A-Port owns 100% of the shares of International Port Engineering and Management Company (IPEM) and continues its groundbreaking work in port engineering and developments, started in 1994.



Shareholders & Key Financials

All financial information per 31 December 2014

CFE     Ackermans & van Haaren 
Balance Sheet Total: 4,215,452,000 EUR Balance Sheet Total: 11,489,375,000 EUR
Equity: 1,320,865,000 EUR Equity: 3,499,369,000 EUR

CFEB listed company

ACKB listed company




45% (*)


Rent A Port Group
Balance Sheet Total: 53,708,253 EUR 
Equity: 33,626,798 EUR 

(*) Ackermans & van Haaren has a controlling stake of 72,18% (via CFE)


The Consolidated key financial figures of the Rent-A-Port Group:

Rent A Port Consolidated (in thousands of EUR)201220132014
Total Assets - balance sheet 33.964,8 44.882,5 53.708,3
Equity 14.247,8 25.985,0 33.626,8
Net profit - Group share 12.342,8 12.339,2 5.927,3


The Statutory key financial figures of Rent-A-Port NV:

Rent A Port NV (in thousands of EUR)201220132014
Total Assets - balance sheet 32.326,7 32.573,6 42.528,8
Issued capital 6.500,0 6.500,0 6.500,0
Equity 11.765,7 10.991,2 14.679,2