FDI Excursion tour to DEEP C Industrial Zones

Last week, the Eurocham's FDI Excursion tour brought a delegation of more than 20 members to DEEP C Industrial Zones to explore where we are after 20-year journey in Vietnam and how we’re reaching new horizons to sustainable growth. As an EU originated group, DEEP C is excited to get more European peers on board with us. Many said site visit was the most informative and fun part of the whole tour. Visitors were taken to see with their own eyes the completed infrastructure in DEEP C I, dynamic factory construction going on in DEEP C II and the developing DEEP C III dedicated for logistics complex and automotive industry. We hope that all guests enjoyed their time with us and left the tour with all questions answered.

To begin your DEEP C site tour, do not hesitate to reach us at: www.deepc.vn or info@deepc.vn 






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