DEEP C to donate 6000 masks to medical staff


As Vietnam has officially moved to the highest nationwide alert for the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a need for businesses to shift from general support to specific actions such as providing medical supplies.

To ensure that medical staff can do their jobs safely and effectively, DEEP C Industrial Zones have donated 6000 masks to the authorities of Hai An district, Haiphong where we are operating. These masks, worth 50 million VND, will be distributed to the front-line healthcare workers who have been dedicatedly serving all of us in the midst of the battle.  Protecting them from contracting the virus is ensuring the continuity of COVID-19 related healthcare for the community.

Previously, DEEP C has given nearly 2000 sanitizer bottles with a total value of 60 million VND to the people of Cat Hai district.  The company is known to actively do its part in maintaining the well-being of its employees and the local community.

Covid 19

Covid 19

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