'Reduce plastic waste, protect marine life' Initiative


In celebration of World Environment Day 2020, DEEP C Industrial Zones organized a cleanup event namely “Reduce plastic waste, protect marine life” at one of our sub-zone in Haiphong. The event, which called for around 200 volunteers from DEEP C, DEEP C tenants (Bridgestones, Shinetsu) and partners (Dow, URENCO) has helped collect 50 mof plastic waste drifted onto DEEP C Haiphong II from the sea. 

DEEEP C waste collection 4

DEEEP C waste collection 2

The theme for World Environment Day this year is “Time for Nature”. It is time for us to raise our voices and take action for this planet because it has been constantly sending us a waking-up call. As a matter of fact, over 1 million marine animals are killed each year due to plastic debris in the ocean. Most importantly, 80% of the litter that ends up in the ocean comes from the land. The marine life is suffering from human’s enduring reliance on plastic.

DEEEP C waste collection 4

The event aimed at collecting plastics waste that are deadly to sea wildlife, as such mitigating the negative impact of plastic waste on sea life. In terms of education, its purpose is to raise awareness of marine animal and ecosystem protection among people and manufacturing companies operating in DEEP C in particular and the public community in general.

It is worth noting that the event was joined by many enthusiastic young volunteers who are children of our employees and partners. In DEEP C, we strongly that good manners must be taught since childhood, not only on school level but also on parental and community level. We are convinced that educated children can come back home and teach their families about the significance of environment protection and ways to improve the health of our oceans.

DEEEP C waste collection 4

The initiator of this event is DEEP C Eco-team, an internal group of volunteers founded to execute innovative eco-friendly ideas and drive the green living style among DEEP C employees and DEEP C network. Being a port-connected industrial zone who benefits directly from the sea, DEEP C considers taking care of marine life as our duty. 

We are now at our forefront to mitigate this impact on the environment by implementing eco-industrial park initiatives, ranging from small gestures like elimination of single-use plastic bottles in office operations to innovative projects like construction of the first plastic road in Vietnam, generation of green energy from rooftop solar panel, wind turbines. More will be made known to the public in the future.


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