White paper: The Dawn of Automotive Industry in Vietnam

In the first half of 2020, while a number of developed countries have suffered from the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the world is astounded by the relentless effort to successfully prevent the virus outburst and step-by-step restore the economy of a small Asian country, Vietnam.

“Despite the tremendous impact of COVID-19t, Vietnam is forecasted to have the fastest growth rate in Southeast Asia in 2020”, according to Asia Development Bank. As a result, investors and firms worldwide are taking a closer look at Vietnam these days as they rethink business strategies and investment plans.

Understanding the need to fully explore all highly potential industries in Vietnam of global investors, we would like to introduce DEEP C’s new White Book Series – a series that provides an overview of 8 core sectors of Vietnam’s economy. Each chapter covers the latest updates on one specific industry in detail and a brief introduction of DEEP C and how the company’s enormous capacity can be of benefits to investors who desire to seize their opportunities in an emerging country like Vietnam.

Vietnam’s automotive industry has become a juicy target for car manufacturers in recent years with the participation of big players such as Toyota, Honda, Ford and specifically, Vinfast - Vietnamese first full-fledged carmaker. Explore the major driving force behind its transformation and seize your opportunity to dive into one of the fastest-growing #automobile markets in Southeast Asia.

Aiming to provide investors with the latest updates on the automotive landscape of Vietnam, the first publication will cover:

  • Vietnam’s macro-economic conditions
  • Automotive landscape overview
  • Vinfast - Vietnam’s first carmaker
  • Northern supporting infrastructure
  • DEEP C Industrial Zones

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