Bonny Channel in Nigeria

Management and maintenance contract for the Bonny Channel River in Nigeria

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Rent-A-Port, through its daughter IPEM, has signed a long-term management agreement together with other specialized partners, with the National Port Authorities of Nigeria (NPA) for the management of the Bonny Channel River. This 85 km river is the access channel for the gas tankers of the Bonny Gas Export Terminal, the second largest Gas Export Terminal in the world. Rent-A-Port is the technical partner in the Bonny Channel Company, responsible for the management and maintenance of the channel. In this concession, Rent-A-Port performs the following tasks:

  • Bathymetric surveys and mapping of the aforesaid channel 
  • Planning, management and supervision of the maintenance and capital dredging of the Bonny Channel & Bonny River
  • Maintenance and surveyance of the navigational aids (buoys) on Bonny Channel and Bonny rivers
  • Assistance ensuring the navigational safety by supervising the removal of wrecks