Hai Phong Vietnam : Dinh Vu - Industrial Zone

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The liquid jetty and the tank farms of the deep sea port of Dinh Vu (Hai Phong) in Vietnam, have been designed, financed and supervised by Rent-A-Port in 1999 and are now an extremely successful port facility. Ipem and Rent-A-port are now successfully implementing various other projects of Industrial Zones and Deep Sea Ports in Vietnam starting from the experience and the local knowhow built up in Dinh Vu (Haiphong).


In more detail …

Rent-A-Port and IPEM are co-investors and managers of the Dinh Vu Industrial Zone (DVIZ), developing a low-lying land area of over 1.000 hectares into a modern industrial park and deep-sea port in Hai Phong, Northern Vietnam.

At present more than 45 companies are operating in the DVIZ. They represent sectors such as petrochemicals, liquid gasses, automotive, logistics, maritime equipment manufacturing, engineering, construction, steel-making and animal feeds.

This project brings together port facilities, continuously improved utilities, infrastructural works and a one-stop efficient management system.

Dinh Vu Deep Sea Port began operations on the 9th of May 2005 with the inauguration of the first berth for general cargo.

Since then 1.6 million tonnes of cargo have been handled. Construction of the fifth and sixth berths are upcoming.

A major upgrading program for the deepening and widening of the access channel to the Haiphong Port system has been completed, allowing vessels up to 20.000 DWT to sail into the Dinh Vu port System. Substantial investments were made to develop general utilities  focused on water, electricity and telecommunications.

In order to satisfy the petrochemical clients’ demands, the jetty capacity was increased with a second 20.000 DWT jetty, with sufficient capacity to serve the entire petrochemical zone.

This second liquid jetty is now completed making this the largest multi customer liquids and gas jetty in Vietnam.

Dinh Vu industrial zone is located next to the development of the Lach Huyen port (opening of the first two berths in 2016 with capacity of 100.000 DWT), which is the largest port development in North Vietnam. These two project are interconnected with a bridge that is now under construction.