Vietnam: Liquid jetty for import of LPG and diesel

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The liquid jetty and the tank farms of the deep sea port of Dinh Vu (Hai Phong) in Vietnam, have been designed, financed and supervised by Rent-A-Port in 1999 and are now an extremely successful port facility. 

The liquid jetties are located in the Dinh Vu Industrial zone and  are feeding different tankfarms and industries in the Industrial Zone. Based on a cost per ton throughput, the different users are allowed to use the facilities, each having a dedicated pipeline from the jetty to their factory. In this way economies of scale have been created and are shared between the users, who have turned an  investment into an operational cost.

 The petrochemical jetty port system  (built by IPEM, Rent-A-Port and Petro-Vietnam together) was host to more than 1.000 ships and barges and became the recognized petrochemical transportation hub of the Northern provinces in Vietnam.